#Immediacy on speech making

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Advice and help for would be speech makers

Show Us a better way

  • Write your own mini-biography to send or hand to whoever is introducing you
  • Know who you're talking to
  • A handout of some sort (business only)
  • Prepare. The better prepared you are, the more you'll be able to make your talk sound less formal and friendly
  • Give your audience the big picture in your introduction
  • Aim for a balance of emotional and rational
  • Humor is almost always welcome (not rude or too personal)
  • Practice modulating your voice (up and down, no squeaks)
  • Practice in front of friends (honest feedback please)
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Speech Making Explained: - if the speech were ....
  • Speeches - you will probabl ....


Having decided not to learn the speech by heart and then recite it, do not keep breaking off while you search your memory for the exact words you wrote. You must be prepared to sacrifice these and you need not think that you were wasting your time in taking so much trouble in composing the speech.

Had you not written it out in full and constantly revised it, you would find it much harder to 'acquire fluency.

That is another reason why this method is preferable to both reading and learning by heart. However hard you may have tried to bear in mind that you were composing a speech and not writing an article, you will almost certainly have included a few sentences that are expressed more in the manner of the written than the spoken word. Your memory censor will come to your help here by rejecting purely 'literary' expressions and forcing you to substitute expressions suitable for oratory. This will help greatly to make the speech sound natural.

By making the speech sound natural, we mean that you should try to persuade the audience that it was not prepared beforehand. To this extent the aim of good delivery is to deceive. Firstly you prepared your speech with great care; now in delivering it, you use all your ability to make it sound spontaneous.

..... if the speech were read, this would be impossible, and

If the speech were read, this would be impossible, and if it were learnt by heart and then recited it would be very difficult. One of our greatest authors said recently, when making a speech at a disti ....

..... you will probably be afflicted with what actors call 'stage

You will probably be afflicted with what actors call 'stage fright'. And as any actor worthy of the name will tell you, the performer

..... just before you are about to rise, deflate your lungs

Just before you are about ....