#Immediacy on speech making

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Advice and help for would be speech makers


  • Write your own mini-biography to send or hand to whoever is introducing you
  • Know who you're talking to
  • A handout of some sort (business only)
  • Prepare. The better prepared you are, the more you'll be able to make your talk sound less formal and friendly
  • Give your audience the big picture in your introduction
  • Aim for a balance of emotional and rational
  • Humor is almost always welcome (not rude or too personal)
  • Practice modulating your voice (up and down, no squeaks)
  • Practice in front of friends (honest feedback please)
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Speech Making Explained: - for there can be no ....
  • Speeches - it has continue ....


In the Army we try to keep in step, but we do not speak with one voice. Heaven forbid But I am now called upon to speak not only for the entire British Army, but for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force as well. The task is too heavy; and I must ask you to allow me to speak simply for myself. The first thing I want to say is that while I am dismayed at having to reply to this toast, I warmly support the form in which it has been proposed.

You have honoured the three Services as one whole, and that, I think, is how they should be considered. Of course every Service has its own traditions, its own customs, and perhaps even its own language; but at heart we are pretty well at one. I do not want to suggest that there is no such thing as inter-Service rivalry.

On the contrary, it is very keen-and this, I would say, is a good thing. Co-operation and competition are sometimes regarded as opposites, but in the Services they stimulate each other.

As for Service rivalry, well believe me, the rivalry between the Army and the Navy or Air 'Force is quite tame compared with the rivalry between two of our crack regiments.

You have very kindly paid tribute to those who have made one of the Services their career. As a professional, I appreciate this; but I want to ask also for your appreciation of all the other men--and women-who are serving with us.

There are the Volunteer Reserves and Territorial�s, who give up their spare time to make their valuable contribution to the defence of our land. Until very recently and indeed some of them are still with us in the Services, there were the National Service youngsters, few of whom wanted to put on uniform, but nearly all of whom accepted the necessity and pulled their weight. And there are the Women's Services. We professionals have been called the hard core, but I prefer to think of us as the warp threads.

..... for there can be no warp without weft and no

For there can be no warp without weft and no weft without warp; and when the pattern is woven, all the threads are blended into one fabric. On behalf of this fabric, which is known as Her Majesty's Forces, I thank you.

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It has continued to move with the times and if new weapons are levelled against it in the future, I am confident that it will find the answer to these as well. Our ships are th ....

..... gentlemen, on behalf of the royal navy, i thank you.

Gentlemen, on behalf of the Roya ....