#Immediacy on speech making

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Advice and help for would be speech makers

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  • Write your own mini-biography to send or hand to whoever is introducing you
  • Know who you're talking to
  • A handout of some sort (business only)
  • Prepare. The better prepared you are, the more you'll be able to make your talk sound less formal and friendly
  • Give your audience the big picture in your introduction
  • Aim for a balance of emotional and rational
  • Humor is almost always welcome (not rude or too personal)
  • Practice modulating your voice (up and down, no squeaks)
  • Practice in front of friends (honest feedback please)
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Speech Making Explained: - the safest personal ....
  • Speeches - but it must be i ....


If you have any doubt at all that a particular joke may give offence, then don't use it. Do not involve other people personally in your humour.

When you know a person very well indeed it is sometimes permissible to pinpoint some characteristic or trait and weave it in humorously into your speech. But when you do this be absolutely certain in your mind that the person in the case is going to appreciate the joke and be able to laugh with you.

That is the important point in personal humour. Do make quite certain that the victim is going to be able to laugh with the audience, not that the audience is going to laugh at anyone.

..... the safest personal joke is the joke against yourself. when

The safest personal joke is the joke against yourself. When you are using a joke, whether it is one of the many examples given in this website, or one which you may have heard on radio or Sky, give it a new twist, do not repeat it word for word ....

..... but it must be in good taste; it should have

But it must be in good taste; it should have a fresh appeal to the audience; and it must have sufficient bearing on your speech to justify its inclusion. ....

..... vulgarity should always be avoided. it may get a few

Vulgarity should always be avoi ....