#Immediacy on speech making

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Advice and help for would be speech makers

  • Write your own mini-biography to send or hand to whoever is introducing you
  • Know who you're talking to
  • A handout of some sort (business only)
  • Prepare. The better prepared you are, the more you'll be able to make your talk sound less formal and friendly
  • Give your audience the big picture in your introduction
  • Aim for a balance of emotional and rational
  • Humor is almost always welcome (not rude or too personal)
  • Practice modulating your voice (up and down, no squeaks)
  • Practice in front of friends (honest feedback please)
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Speech Making Explained: - to his surprise on ....
  • Speeches - said willum 'and ....


He knew it was up to him to say something in order to get the conversational ball rolling. But what on earth did one say to a Chinaman? The two of them toyed with their napkins in silence; they crumbled their bread rolls in silence. Then came the soup.

They ate in silence-well as much silence as even a diplomat can eat soup.

The soup finished, they looked at each other, smiled and inspiration came to the young diplomat. Leaning towards the Chinese, he asked 'Likee soupee?' The Chinaman smiled and nodded.

Conversation languished again. After dinner came the speeches, and to the young diplomat's horror and surprise his neighbour, called upon to make a speech, spoke for a long time-and in faultless English. Sitting down again, he sipped at his wine and then leaned towards the young diplomat. 'Likee speechee ?' he queried.

It was his first after dinner speech. He had been rehearsing and practising for days past in front of his bathroom mirror.

But for all that, on the night he was struck dumb with stage fright. He came hesitatingly to his feet and began haltingly-'Ladies and gentlemen, I conceiveer-I conceive-that is-I er-conceive.' From the foot of the table came the unkind thrust, 'So far he has conceived three times, but brought forth absolutely nothing.' A man passing through a small country town chanced to stop at one of the local shops for a packet of cigarettes.

..... to his surprise on getting inside he found the shop

To his surprise on getting inside he found the shop stacked out with salt. There were boxes of it, barrels of it, sacks of it.

They littered the floor, the shelves, the counter. He asked fo ....

..... said willum 'and if you had two moty cars, then

Said Willum 'And if you had two moty cars, then you'd give I one?' Again Garge nodded. Said Willum, 'And if you had a pig and I hadn't, then you'd give I half?' Garge ....

..... the judge heard him out with no very good grace,

The judge heard him out w ....