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Advice and help for would be speech makers

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  • Write your own mini-biography to send or hand to whoever is introducing you
  • Know who you're talking to
  • A handout of some sort (business only)
  • Prepare. The better prepared you are, the more you'll be able to make your talk sound less formal and friendly
  • Give your audience the big picture in your introduction
  • Aim for a balance of emotional and rational
  • Humor is almost always welcome (not rude or too personal)
  • Practice modulating your voice (up and down, no squeaks)
  • Practice in front of friends (honest feedback please)
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Speech Making Explained: - they are intended to ....
  • Speeches - do not set your ....


ANYONE who has ever attended a dinner where "After Dinner Speeches and Toasts" have been the order of the day knows very well just what a difference a really good speaker making a first class speech can make. All too often the After Dinner speaker is inarticulate, incomprehensible and much too long-winded. The diners are generally keen to get on with the rest of the evening's entertainment which is usually dancing, but which could be a smoking concert, a display of some sort or a cabaret and, at the best, the Speeches become merely a means of filling in the time while the company relaxes and digests its meal. The good speaker knows how to make a witty, memorable speech; he knows how much to say, how to say it and when not to say it He does not bore his listeners with long, wearisome anecdotes about himself and other people who are not known to the present company, nor does he use the After Dinner Speech to pay off old scores.

Unlike the political platform, the After Dinner Speech is never heckled nor interrupted in any way, and the speaker who takes advantage of this fact by attacking an individual or a group who are prevented by good manners from replying, will probably not again be asked to speak at such a function.

To be a good After Dinner speaker is an asset that can be acquired by anybody willing to spend a small amount of time in the preparation of the speech and another amount of time in practising the speech. Very few people can make a good, impromptu speech and the beginner should certainly never try to do so. On this website we have included all the aspects of speechmaking at After Dinner functions-we explain in detail just how to prepare a speech, how to deliver it, some Example Speech speeches, some useful quotations and some good After Dinner stories which judicially introduced into a speech will bring humour and help to create an atmosphere of hilarity.

With regard to the Example Speech speeches, it is not intended that these should be used verbatim. There are very few occasions when it will be found that these Example Speechs cover all the aspects of any one particular set of circumstances.

..... they are intended to be used as a guide only

They are intended to be used as a guide only, and would-be speakers should adapt them to their own special requirements. Nor should the quotations be used indiscriminately. They should be interwoven with the fabric of the speech only if they are apt and t ....

..... do not set yourself a task that is too great

Do not set yourself a task that is too great for you; it is no good composing a beautiful speech if it is too beautiful for you to deliver properly.

Consideration of your audience calls ....

..... then read the context of the speech in the daily

Then read the context of xyz ....